3D CT Scan Technology

3D CT Scan Technology

Our doctors use 3D imaging technology for precision diagnostics and treatment planning.

Cone beam imaging for accurate diagnosis and precision planning

Our doctors use a vital piece of technology called a cone beam 3D CT scanner. The scanner takes a series of high-resolution X-ray images in a 360 degree circle around your head. These images are immediately computer-processed into detailed 3D 360 degree views of your jawbone, teeth and related anatomy.

These high-tech 3D images allow our doctors to accurately diagnose and precisely plan effective treatments that are safe, minimally invasive and comfortable. In this way we are able to give you the highest quality care possible.

State-of-the-art 3D cone beam with low-dose SafeBeam technology

3D CT Scan TechnologyWe use the NewTom VGi 3D CT scanner. This is a very high-end dental scanner and gives the most precise, clear and detailed images currently possible. The NewTom scanner also produces the lowest radiation exposure of any 3D CT scanner made. This is accomplished through the use of its exclusive SafeBeam technology to obtain images.

The SafeBeam system uses a series of millisecond-long bursts of radiation that are automatically adjusted in strength according to the patient’s size and age. This eliminates unnecessary radiation exposure and makes our scanner the safest dental 3D imaging system available.

Accurate diagnosis

Our 3D images can be magnified, and sections of your anatomy can be focused upon and seen from any angle. Our doctors manipulate these images as needed to see great anatomical detail. These details are not available with normal X-rays.

The images show the amount and density of bone around your teeth, the size of your sinuses, bone abnormalities and evidences of certain infections. They also show the exact position and relationship of your lower and upper jaws. Our doctors can thus accurately diagnose a wide range of situations without having to resort to invasive procedures.

What the cone beam is used for

3D CT Scan Technology

Dr. Zitnay will use the 3D CT scanner to get a proper diagnostics before a root canal.

Our doctors use cone beam 3D images for the following procedures:

  • Dental implant diagnosis and planning
  • TMJ/TMD evaluation
  • Root canal diagnostics
  • Oral surgery diagnostics for wisdom teeth removal
  • Detection of bone abnormalities or pathology

Precision dental implant planning

Dr. Hoos obtains a 3D CT scan of every patient receiving dental implants as a vital element of diagnosis and planning of their treatment. He considers the scan information so vital that he will not do dental implant treatment without it.

The images show the exact amount and density of supporting bone in the area where an implant is to be placed as well as the relative location of nerves and blood vessels. The 3D images are loaded into special planning software which he uses to precisely map out where to place the implant for maximum stability and predetermine any needed bone grafting. He also determines which type and size of implant will work best.

He is thus able to provide minimally invasive implant treatment that is comfortable, very stable and long-lasting.

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