Family Dentistry in Stratford


Gentle, Experienced Dental Care for the Entire Family

We are excited to provide high-quality dental services for your whole family. Our doctors strive to help all of our patients achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. From very young children to older patients, we can take care of nearly everyone’s dental needs.

We always have three to four hygienists working at the same time, so we can often service the whole family in one visit. We are also open in the evenings and Saturdays for our patients’ convenience.

When to bring your child in for an exam

We want to start seeing children when they are young, around ages 2 or 3. We encourage parents to initially start bringing their child with them when they come for their own dental appointments so the child can slowly get used to the dental environment. Seeing how friendly and gentle our hygienists are, your child will be much more comfortable and relaxed when he arrives for his own first dental visit.

Your Child’s First Visit


Our doctors give excellent dental care to our younger patients.

Our doctors give excellent dental care to our younger patients.

Of course, one of the primary targets for children’s dentistry is to prevent decay before it starts and handle it quickly if any is found. The earlier we can detect any cavities, the easier it is to handle. Young children are not as adept at brushing and flossing as older children and adults, so bacteria has a better chance of causing cavities.

When your child comes for his first visit, we will perform a quick oral exam, looking for any cavities as well as checking your child’s bite. Then our friendly, gentle hygienist will do a quick and gentle cleaning, followed by educating your child on how to properly brush and floss at home.

We make children feel comfortable at our office

We know that sometimes children may be afraid of the dentist, so we take extra measures to make sure your child is comfortable and relaxed when here. Our experienced hygienists and doctors love taking care of children’s teeth, and their friendly and gentle manner makes your child’s visit pleasant and anxiety free. Our attention to easing childrens’ fears and concerns helps them to relax, even looking forward to future visits!

Our Services For Children


Our hygienists are great with kids and love teaching them how to care for their teeth.

Our wide array of services for children include:

Exams & checkups – Our doctors gently and quickly examine your child’s teeth and gums, particularly looking for any decay or other potential problems.

Cleanings – Our friendly and experienced hygienists gently clean your child’s teeth.

Sealants – Sealants can provide a strong defense against decay in the back teeth, which are harder to keep clean and thus are more vulnerable to trapping bacteria and fostering tooth decay.

Crowns – We can create custom quality crowns for children.


Kids love picking out a toy upon completion of their visit.

Root Canal Therapy – When necessary, we can save an infected or abscessed tooth with root canal therapy, keeping your child comfortable during the procedure.

Extractions – When it’s necessary to remove a tooth, we focus on very gentle extractions.

Space Maintainers – For children who lose their baby teeth too early, we can place space maintainers to hold the space open so that their permanent teeth will come in properly.

Painless injections – Dr. Hoos uses a painless injection technique for both children and adults alike!

Preventive Dental Care

The younger a person starts learning how to perform good dental care at home, the more likely it is that he will have good dental health for life. Proper brushing and flossing and regular checkups are also crucial. Sealants also provide an extra measure of decay prevention, reducing the likelihood in the future for additional dental treatments.

Patient education

shutterstock_70073446While cleaning your child’s teeth, our gentle hygienist will educate your child on how to brush and floss his own teeth at home. We also make sure we communicate with them in language they can easily understand.

Routine checkups and cleanings

Having your child go to routine checkups and cleanings will not only help prevent tooth decay but instill a lifetime practice of good oral health.

Ultrasonic scalers

We use ultrasonic scalers that utilize high-frequency sound waves to clean teeth. This high-tech tool gently and quickly removes hard deposits and tartar on teeth, a very effective method to prevent the development of gum disease.


The back teeth are harder for a child to clean completely with brushing and flossing. These teeth are more susceptible to collecting food particles, and if these particles are not removed, they can cause tooth decay. Sealants are an effective method of keeping these particles from settling into the deeper crevices.

Digital X-rays

Using much less radiation than traditional x-rays, digital x-rays show hidden teeth problems, such as cavities, infections and growth abnormalities, which makes it possible for us to handle them quickly.

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