Solutions for Missing Teeth in Stratford


We have many solutions for missing teeth and will explain the differences between them and answer all your questions.

Advanced technology for modern teeth replacement

implant_bridge-originalWhen it comes to missing teeth, you have various options. Our doctors are competent in different methods of teeth replacement and can provide the solution that best fits your situation. Because they are versatile as well as experienced, you have great choices in tooth replacement.

Modern method of replacement for missing teeth

Dental implant technology has changed the face of tooth replacement. An implant is a titanium tooth “root” that is capped with a sturdy, natural-looking crown, bridge or denture. Dr. Hoos has done thousands of implants – even teaches the procedure to other dentists – and can provide you with natural-looking, functional new teeth supported by implants.

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What are Dental Implants used for?

A dental implant is used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. We will carefully evaluate your individual situation and help you choose the best path.

At Brush & Floss Dental Center, we use advanced materials and techniques that allow many people who, because of certain health conditions, formerly could not benefit from implants.

Our recommended options for tooth replacement

Single-tooth replacement


A dental implant is the strongest and most natural-looking and acting replacement for a single missing tooth.

For a single missing tooth, our doctors recommend an implant, because it restores full chewing power and doesn’t require damaging healthy teeth to accommodate a support for it. Additionally, an implant is usually expected to last a lifetime.

For some people, a conventional dental bridge can be more workable for a person’s lifestyle and budget. In those cases, we provide a high-quality, natural-looking dental bridge.

Multiple-teeth replacement with individual implants or implant-supported bridges

An implant-supported bridge is an excellent option for replacing multiple missing teeth. The implants give you chewing power and prevent the jaw bone from receding.

Individual implants are the strongest and most dependable way to replace multiple teeth while restoring full chewing power and promoting gum and bone health. This can add up in cost if many of the teeth are missing, so we offer an implant-supported bridge as an alternative.

A dental bridge anchored with implants is a sturdy device that supports false teeth. It’s a permanent restoration that acts, feels and looks very much like natural teeth.

Replacing all your teeth

If all of your teeth are missing, or if your teeth are beyond repair, you have several options.

  • AllonFiveFixed Implant-Supported Dentures

    If you are a denture wearer, there is a highly reliable way to stabilize dentures. A fixed (non-removable) implant-supported denture stays put and is cleaned by normal brushing and flossing. Dr. Hoos uses five or more implants to ensure maximum stability.

    Dr. Hoos’ fixed implant-supported dentures can make a huge difference in the everyday movements of eating and speaking. You never have to take them out and can eat what you want, and there’s no need for a false palate covering the roof of your mouth.

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  • 4ImplantDentureRemovable Implant-Supported Dentures

    You may be one whose best option is a removable denture supported by implants. If this is the right kind for you, Dr. Hoos will place either “mini” or conventional-sized implants, depending on your needs. The denture can be simply snapped in and out for cleaning and night rinsing. Dr. Hoos can also retrofit your existing denture with implants for a no-slip, no-adhesive denture!

  • fulldenturesRejuvenating Dentures

    Although Dr. Hoos recommends that you stabilize your dentures with at least two implants per arch, this is not always workable for the patient. For some, non implant-supported dentures are the choice. If you are Dr. Hoos’ patient and decide to go with regular dentures, you’ll find that they’re anything but conventional!

    Dr. Hoos is a provider of high-quality, attractive “Rejuvenating Dentures.” This means he custom-fits dentures to your mouth that are specifically designed to counteract the loss of jaw bone and collapsed, sunken in look that people get when they have been missing teeth for a long time. He even teaches other dentists how to make these special dentures. They rejuvenate your natural smile and facial shape!

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Complimentary Implant Consultation

Special Offers - Complimentary Dental Implant ConsultationDr. Hoos offers a Free Dental Implant Consultation so that you can find out which tooth replacement treatment would be best for your condition, lifestyle and budget.

  • Consultation with Dr. Hoos
  • Discuss any concerns or problems
  • Learn about the different treatment options
  • Find out if you are a candidate for dental implants
  • Get all your questions about dental implants answered

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