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Common Causes of Dental Anxiety In Adults

Posted on 3/8/2021 by Betsy Hoos
Common Causes of Dental Anxiety In AdultsMost children have this fear of going to the dentist, but it's not just them. Dental anxiety and fear are also very common among adults, where they often avoid going to the dentist due to being panic-stricken.

People who have dental anxiety know that it's an irrational fear and there's nothing to be fearful of, but it's not really in their control, and they can't do anything about it.

Causes of Dental Anxiety

There are many factors that lead to anxiety and fear in people when it comes to going to the dentist or getting a dental examination/ treatment done.
These include the following:

•  Fear of pain that may have stemmed from an early unpleasant and painful dental experience, or even from other people's horror stories.
•  The thought of sitting in a dental chair without having a clue of what’s going on that results in feelings of loss of control and sheer helplessness.
•  Feeling embarrassed and/or uncomfortable by having a dentist so close to one’s face.
•  Being self-conscious about one’s appearance due to many reasons such as bad breath issues, crooked teeth, or stained teeth.

Coping with Dental Anxiety and Fear

While there's no sure-shot way to completely eliminate dental anxiety and fear, you can definitely cope with it and decrease it by discussing your fears with your dentist. It also depends on the particular factors that lead you to feel anxious and fearful. It's different for everyone, but talking about it alone can help you to a great extent.

If you need help in overcoming your anxiety, you can contact us at Brush & Floss Dental Center where we have many dentists like our doctors and Our doctors who can help you cope and get rid of all your fears.

Call us at (203) 683-5253 to place an appointment so that we can help you as fast as possible.

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