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Problems if Early Cavities Go Undetected

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Evan
Problems if Early Cavities Go UndetectedCavities don't always cause discomfort, so they can be hidden for a long time without any issues. But when those issues startup, they often are very uncomfortable and can cause worse health issues like infections or loss of teeth. This is why we always suggest going to your six-month appointments. We can identify and stop most of the problems early at these cleanings, saving you from an uncomfortable situation.

Cavities and Fillings

In some cases, fillings which are put into your teeth to stop cavities can get other cavities around them or underneath them. This is an unfortunate but natural thing. Fillings are meant to stop cavities to an extent. However, if the dental routine and eating practices do not change, and there is already a cavity in the tooth, there will be another cavity very soon since there has already been an issue with the tooth's surface. What's more, sometimes these cavities can crack fillings from the bottom, resulting in a removal of the filling and a new, bigger filling in its place, if not a full extraction.

Cavities and Infections

Other than aesthetics, cavities are an issue because of their decaying qualities. They are the embodiment of a crumbling tooth from the outside-in, and so when they go untreated, that decay can continue into the center of the tooth and down into the roots. From there, an infection can spread across the jawline and into other teeth or into the bloodstream. Sometimes this means antibiotics and rest; other times, it means multiple teeth must be extracted. No one wants to extract more teeth than necessary, and we would always prefer fillings over cavities, so coming in early when you think that you've noticed something will make all the difference in the long run. If you believe you are getting cavities or they are giving you discomfort, call our office to get the next available appointment.

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