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Are Composite Resins Safe

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Evan
Are Composite Resins SafeDental composite resins, also known as resin-based composites, are dental cement composed of synthetic resins. They have been used in the past as restorative materials for good-looking teeth. Due to their cheapness, insoluble, malleability, and insensitivity to dehydration, their use has increased massively. The article discusses resins and their safety.

Components and Applications

The composite resins are placed in bulk and are very good at adapting to teeth cavity walls because the polymerization and thermal shrinkage coefficients are low. The application, therefore, requires precision in the procedure or could fail in the primary stages. The placement of the teeth must be perfect for the resins to stick. They are placed on the tooth, and a blue wavelength light is used to dry them. Unfortunately, the light is not that efficient in drying; thus, a thin film should be applied, or the light will be ineffective. The amount of the film should be placed to represent the tooth's bite, as a higher amount would result in a sensitive tooth.


The main advantage is the appearance of the resins, as they can replicate the tooth tissue. They also mimic the tooth's color, providing a nearly invisible restoration. Also, the resin can bond with the tooth structure very well, strengthening and mimicking the tooth structure. The use of resins is a cheap procedure compared to dental crowns. It provides a better solution to the removal of the tooth. The teeth with resins are very durable and can easily be repaired by adding more resins.

Some of the shortcomings include the shrinkage and leakage of the carriers, which leads to inferior bonding between the resins and the tooth. Sometimes the resins may not last long, primarily due to application errors. Furthermore, the resin procedures are quite time-consuming and costly, especially during maintenance.

Offering care

Composite resins should be used sparingly because of application. They require profound procedure delicacy. When done right, they are excellent and can last long. Visit our experienced dentist for composite resin procedures and maintenance.

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