Advanced Technology in Dentistry

Advanced technology has revolutionized many areas of healthcare, including dentistry. Thanks to advances in X-ray, computer and laser technology, dental procedures have become safer as well as more comfortable and effective. Dr. Hoos is a Stratford area dentist who stays highly informed of these developments and makes it a priority to incorporate new technology into his practice. This enables his patients to get the gentlest and most effective treatment possible.

Safer, more accurate X-ray technology

X-rays are, of course, the basis for diagnosing and monitoring most dental issues. A key advance in this area is the digital X-ray, which has many advantages over traditional, film-based X-rays.

First of all, digital x-rays emit significantly less radiation than standard X-rays, making them safer. Digital X-rays are also faster because there is no time spent on film development. These X-rays can appear on the doctor’s computer screen in a matter of seconds.

Digital X-rays are also more accurate than standard X-rays. Images can easily be enlarged, allowing the dentist to get a closer look at smaller or problematic areas. Dr. Hoos uses digital X-rays to diagnose and create treatment plans for his patients. The accuracy of digital X-rays allows him to catch tooth decay before it has a chance to escalate.

Precision and implant placement

Sometimes, a more in-depth look at the jaw and surrounding bone tissue may be needed to ensure the correct placement of implants or to address certain orthodontic issues. The cone beam 3D CT scanner can be used when traditional 2D rays are insufficient. The cone beam rotates around the head, scanning series of images that will provide a three-dimensional, 360° X-ray of your teeth, gums and surrounding soft tissues.

However, not all cone beam CT scanners are created equally. Dr. Hoos is the first and only dentist in Connecticut to use the NewTom VGI Cone Beam CT scanner, one of the highest rated cone beam devices. This  scanner captures clear images of nerve pathways and bone, which helps ensure that implants are placed correctly and comfortably.

Another important feature of the NewTom VGI Cone Beam CT scanner is that it uses SafeBeam™ technology, which reduces radiation exposure according to the patient’s age and size.

Minimally invasive laser technology for tooth and gum treatment

Laser technology is revolutionizing the world of dentistry. Many treatments that once involved drills and scalpels can now be done in a gentler, less invasive way.

Healthy gums are vital to maintaining a healthy set of teeth. Gum disease occurs when bacteria accumulate and cannot be removed with routine brushing or flossing.  The bacteria, known as plaque, can harden and form tartar, a mineralized deposit on the tooth. If the condition spreads to the root and bone, it can result in tooth loss.

Advanced laser technology has made gum disease treatment more comfortable while being effective. Dr. Hoos uses SIROlaser Advance and the Hoya Con Bio DeLight lasers. These state-of-the-art devices provide gentle, minimally invasive gum treatment. Lasers can also be used to reshape gum tissue or remove excess gum tissue for cosmetic purposes.

Here are a few of the benefits of laser treatment:

  • less painful
  • minimally invasive
  • shorter recovery times
  • reduced bleeding and inflammation
  • minimal trauma to surrounding tissues

These are a few examples of how Dr. Hoos is using new technology to provide higher quality, minimally invasive dental care in the Stratford area. If you are in need of a dental exam or other dental treatment give us a call. Dr. Hoos will listen to your concerns and help you find a safe and effective solution.