Finding a Good Dentist in Stratford, Connecticut

If you’re searching for a good dentist, the task can be overwhelming. There are many dentists in Stratford and the surrounding areas. But how will you know which dentist is the best for you without really knowing much about them?

You can ask your friends and family for a referral. You can go through the ads and coupons in your weekly mailer. Even with these options, will you really know if the choices you’re given will fit you? And how will you know if they’re good dentists?

The internet can be a very valuable tool to aid in your search for a good dentist – a dentist that you will be able to trust with your dental health, and who you’ll feel comfortable with. It’s easy to look up dentists on the internet. And there are plenty of dental practice websites out there. Your next challenge is to chip away at your choices until you’re left with one perfect match.

Let’s start by giving you some guidance in your search. There are several things you can look for to help you decide on a good dentist to go to.

One big element to look out for is the actual website. Does the practice have a professional-looking website, or does it look amateurish? Does it represent a knowledgeable, friendly and efficient practice? Do the pictures reveal what the office and staff are like? Are the services listed and explained in an easy-to-understand manner?

Here are more areas of information you should be able to find on a professional website:

  • Education – Where did the dentist receive his/her education? Find out what degrees and certifications they’ve received. The dentist’s bio page should include all of this information.
  • Continuing education and training – More is better! When the dentist continues to receive education and training, they are staying up-to-date on advanced technologies and procedures. You will receive the most efficient, comfortable care available when the dentist continues to receive education and training.
  • Awards and affiliations – The awards and affiliations a dentist receives is a direct indication of how his or her peers perceive their work. A dentist has to work hard to receive these honors. You can see some examples of awards on this page, click here.
  • Teaching other dentists – When a dentist has the ability and knowledge to teach others in the skills of dentistry, they have a superior understanding of dental arts and will be able to help you understand the procedures and treatments they are providing you. Anxiety melts away with a clearer understanding of what’s to come!
  • Friendly dentist and staff – Are these the folks you will feel good about entrusting your dental health to? When the dentist and staff are friendly and happy, they are more approachable. They are there to help you, not to make you feel uncomfortable and apprehensive.
  • Services provided – Does the dentist offer what you need or expect? Some dentists are specialists in certain areas, such as gum disease or orthodontics. Some practices have several dentist, each with their own areas of expertise. With this type of practice, all services are taken care of at one location.
  • Patient testimonials – If there is a testimonial page, read what the patients have to say. The happy patient is the best testimonial to a dentist’s skill and demeanor. You can check out our testimonial page to see what it should have.

Dr. Hoos is fully qualified in all of the above categories. He is very gentle and skilled, with years of experience. So, check out our website, read the doctors’ bios and learn about the great services we have to offer. After checking us out, if you feel that we can give you the best services, give us a call to set up a $79 new patient exam.  For more information, click here.