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FAQS About Flossing

Posted on 6/19/2023 by Evan
FAQS About FlossingA sweet tooth means cravings for sugary and sweet foods such as chocolates and candies. You will notice that you may feel like you're missing something sweet in any meal without a dessert. A sweet tooth will make you forgo chicken or some snack for a gummy bear.

How Sweet Tooth Affects Your Dental Health

Your mouth harbors millions of bacteria, both harmful and beneficial. The harmful bacteria feed on sugars left lingering in the mouth. Therefore, giving in to sweet tooth needs means you are feeding the bacteria. Once bacteria intake sugar contents, they produce acids as by-products which, when left unattended, eat up the enamel.

Ideally, the mouth has a primary pH value. Sugar intake lowers the pH value to an acidic level which is detrimental to the teeth in the gums. The enamel is the protective cover of your teeth and is massively affected by acidic erosion, which exposes the inner soft tissues to agents of tooth decay and cavities. Our dentists advise not giving in to sweet tooth as it offers fertile ground for the survival of hazardous bacteria in your mouth.

How To Protect Yourself from Impacts of Sweet Tooth

Proper Dental Care

While you enjoy candies and chocolates as dessert, ensure you maintain good oral hygiene by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. This will flush away sugary contents lingering over the teeth around the gums. Furthermore, frequently replace your toothbrushes every three months, as bacteria accumulate on the brush, leading to dental infections.

Swap Sugary Foods with Snacks

Instead of giving in to a sweet tooth's needs, look for alternative natural sugar alternatives such as fruits and vegetables. Hard candies go a long way in overstaying sugar contents on your teeth, posing bacterial invasion risks. At the same time, dental hygiene measures are typically hard to clean.

Another significant measure is visiting our dentists for dental checkups and further examinations. Don't hesitate to contact our services for quality medical treatments.

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