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Foods That Increase The Risk Of Plaque Build Up

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Andrew Admin
Woman with glasses smiling after visit to Brush & Floss Dental Center in Stratford, CTCan you remember what was on your table a few weeks ago? You may not have an idea, but your teeth do. Certain foods can stick in your mouth despite having good oral hygiene. This leads to the building up of plaque, which increases your chance of cavities and dental infection. Though you can prevent it by brushing and flossing, some foods and drinks increase your risks of plaque formation. Here are some of them:

Sour Candies

When you desire a nice treat, sour candies sound like a good idea, but not for your teeth. Candies have a combination of different acids that can harm your enamel. They also have a lot of sugar, which settles on your teeth, promoting bacteria growth. This sugar is hard to brush, providing an opportunity for bacteria to grow and plaque formation. You should consider replacing your candies with chocolate, which is a nice treat and easy to clear off from your teeth.

Carbonated Beverages

You may enjoy the fizziness of a carbonated drink, which offers a sense of refreshment. While the fizzy sound is appealing, these drinks can damage your teeth. The combination of carbon and sugar in these beverages makes an acidic environment suitable for plaque buildup.

The sugar concentration in the drinks offers food to the teeth bacteria that attack your tooth enamel. You can avoid consuming a vast amount of carbonated drinks even when they are diet-friendly.

Potato Chips

Many people admire the crunch aspect of potato chips. The feeling is satisfying and fun but not always perfect for your mouth. Chips are starch that converts to sugar and gets trapped on your teeth and between the gaps. This provides a fertile ground for bacteria growth due to plaque formation. If you have to eat chips, you need to ensure you floss and brush your mouth after eating them to reduce the building up of plaque.

Plaque can develop into tartar, causing cavities. You can prevent this by opting for dental-friendly diets. Visit our offices today for dental diets and habits advice to help you avoid plaque formation.

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