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Guided Bone Regeneration in Implant Dentistry

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Andrew Admin
African American woman smiling with her new dental implants from Brush & Floss Dental Center in Stratford, CTDental implants rely on sufficient bone volume and density for stability. When tooth loss, trauma, or resorption has eroded natural bone, rebuilding it through guided bone regeneration enables successful placement. By using biomaterials and membranes, this technique grows bone to provide robust support for implants.

Why Bone Grafting is Needed

In order to fuse properly, implants require direct contact with living bone. Without adequate bone mass, they may loosen over time or risk failure. Deficient ridges also preclude the ideal positioning of implants. Grafting adds volume so implants can be situated properly for optimal aesthetics and function.

How Guided Bone Regeneration Works

First, the area is prepared, and existing bone grafted as needed. A rigid membrane is placed over the grafted site as a fence to maintain space. This allows desired cells to repopulate the area while keeping soft tissue out. As bone cells grow into the chamber, new bone tissue gradually regenerates.

Bone Grafting Materials

The choice of bone graft depends on the amount of regeneration needed. Autografts from the patient's body provide the best results but require a donor site. Allografts and xenografts from bone banks avoid this step. Synthetic options like hydroxyapatite serve as fillers to stimulate bone growth. Combinations are often used.

Protecting the Site for Optimal Healing

The membrane maintains the protected chamber through the 4-9 month healing process. Stabilizing screws and meticulous soft tissue closure prevent membrane exposure. Antibiotics, chlorhexidine rinses, and limited trauma to the area also boost success. With time, mature bone integrates with the implant securely.

By rebuilding bony foundations, guided bone regeneration transforms compromised ridges into ideal sites for dental implants. Patients regain confidence knowing their restorations are supported for long-term function and comfort. It's worth waiting to restore beauty and strength to your smile.

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