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How To Care for Seniors After Oral Surgery

Posted on 12/1/2023 by Andrew Admin
Older man examining his mouth after oral surgery at Brush & Floss Dental Center in Stratford, CTOral surgeries can require a significant time for recovery. This depends on the type of procedure that one has undergone. Age is also another factor in the recovery journey. Seniors will likely take longer to recover than their younger counterparts and may have other underlying conditions that affect their healing and recovery processes. Proper care is necessary for this group of patients. Here are some tips for caring for seniors after oral surgery:

Pay Attention to Post-Surgery Guidance

After an oral surgery, the dentist will offer you guidance on how to care for the patient. Pay attention to the instructions and ensure you have insights on the dos and donts. You should also follow the given medication schedules. Keep their dietary activity restrictions active during the recovery process.

Be Vigilant to Pain Management

Seniors will likely have a lower pain tolerance. Despite this, many will not communicate the issue even when experiencing discomfort. Ensure you keep your eyes open to their need for enhanced pain management. You should always administer the prescribed pain relief medications on time.

Check for Any Complications

Due to age and other underlying conditions, aged people are at risk of developing complications after an oral surgery. They might experience excessive bleeding or swelling. Bacterial infection can attack them due to their low immunity. You need to check them regularly for any signs or symptoms of complications. If you note any issue, you should seek the attention of their dentist or oral surgeon immediately.

Keep Them Hydrated

Being hydrated plays a role in enhancing the healing process. Seniors tend to drink less water. During the recovery period, consider encouraging them to drink more water. However, you should avoid straws during the first few days. The sucking is likely to impact the healing process.

If you have a senior who underwent oral surgery, you need to ensure they get the best care to speed up their recovery process. Reach out to one of our dentists or oral surgeons for professional advice on how to assist them during this process.

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