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Are Prostheses for Dental Implants Custom-Made?

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Photo of dental implant done at Brush & Floss Dental Center in Stratford, CTA dental prosthesis is constructed specifically for each patient, taking into account their anatomy and needs. There are various steps involved in making a personalized prosthesis.

Therapy Scheduling

A comprehensive treatment planning period occurs before the dental implant process starts. This entails getting complete imaging, including CT or X-rays, to evaluate the jaw alignment, bone composition, and general oral health of the patient.

Observations and Preparation

Impressions of the mouth are obtained following the surgical placement of dental implants in the mandible. The implant posts, the gums, and the remaining teeth are all captured in these imprints.

Placement of Abutments

After the first healing phase, the implant posts are connected to abutments. Abutments are components that act as connectors for the prosthesis and extend over the gum line.

[[[H2:Conventional ManufacturingUsing different materials like metal or ceramic, a dental specialist can carefully build the prosthesis using traditional methods. Customization is required during this procedure to guarantee optimal fit, functionality, and appearance.

Electronic Manufacturing

Thanks to advanced technological advances like computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer-aided design (CAD), customized and highly accurate prostheses can be made. Electronic impressions can be produced using intraoral scanners; the structure of the prosthesis is created digitally before it is machined or 3D printed.

Try-In and Modifications

A try-in or preview may occur before the final prosthesis is permanently affixed. This enables the dentist to evaluate the comfort, fit, and appearance of the prosthesis.

Final Position

Once customized, approved, and adjusted as needed, the prosthesis is firmly fastened to the abutments. Based on patient requirements, the final prosthesis may be a denture, bridge, or crown.

Establishing an appealing appearance, appropriate function, and eventual longevity of dental implant repair depends heavily on the personalization of the prosthesis. Since every patient situation is different, every custom-made prosthesis will fit the unique needs of the patient in terms of both function and appearance. Please schedule an appointment with us to begin the dental implant placement process.

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