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Can I Visit the Dentist More Than Twice a Year?

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Brush & Floss Office
Dentist speaking with patient at Brush & Floss Dental Center in Stratford, CTWe are guessing you already know you need to come and visit the dentist twice yearly to ensure your teeth and gums are in good shape. You may think that is all of the visits you need. But you may need to visit our office more than twice a year to have optimum dental health.

If You Have Gum Disease

People with gum disease need to visit us more frequently. Their gums and teeth need additional cleaning to keep them as healthy as possible. Dentists or periodontists need to clean your teeth and your gums thoroughly above and below the gumline. The general rule of thought is to have a deep cleaning of your gums three to four times a year to treat gum infection if you have gum disease.

You Have an Emergency

Just like emergencies with the rest of your body, dental emergencies can happen occasionally as well. For example, you may be at a school soccer game, and your child gets hit by a flying elbow and loses a tooth. You could wake up one morning in extreme pain from a tooth. You may have excessive bleeding in your mouth for an unknown reason, and you cannot seem to stop it. Dental emergencies are an excellent reason to visit our dentist.

You Have an Ongoing Issue

More than 40 percent of all Americans have a chronic dental issue, such as gum disease or a persistent tooth infection. If you are having issues with your mouth, we want you to come in to see us. For people with chronic dental conditions, your visits with us are vital to your dental and overall physical health. For example, if you allow us to continue to treat your gum disease, the amount of inflammation in your body will increase as well. Chronic untreated infections in your mouth can cause issues with your heart. Diabetics may have trouble controlling their insulin rates. You can even get an infection in the bones around your teeth that can spread to other bones.

Are you ready to come and visit us? We are ready! Give us a call today.

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