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Why Do We Have Two Sets of Teeth?

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Betsy Hoos
Why Do We Have Two Sets of Teeth?The human body is full of medical wonders and one of those wonders is our ability to grow two sets of teeth during our lifetime. But why do we have two sets of teeth? If you have ever wondered the same question, keep reading to find the answer.

Similar to many other mammals, humans are diphyodonts, which basically means that we have two sets of teeth in our lifetime. We've deciduous teeth, more commonly known as our baby teeth or milk teeth, and a permanent set of teeth.

Why We Have Two Sets of Teeth

Our teeth are responsible for more than just helping us chew our food. They are also responsible for maintaining the shape and structure of our jaw. So then why do we need two sets of teeth for it? This is because our permanent set of 32 adult teeth are simply too big for a baby's jaw.

That's why we have the initial baby teeth to ensure proper structure of our jaw, speech development, and easy chewing of food during our childhood. Once our jaw is set and the skull has stopped growing, the baby teeth start to fall out and the adult teeth start coming in.

Another reason why we have two sets of teeth is that our teeth can't actually grow. Once they are fully developed, they stay the same size and can not grow bigger or longer like our nails or hair. That's why we need two sets of teeth to accommodate the change in our jaw sizes over time without hampering our ability to use our teeth.

Either way, both sets of teeth are incredibly important and that's why you need to establish good dental habits from early on. Moreover, whether you're having trouble with your baby teeth or adult teeth, you can always consult our doctors and Our doctors at Brush & Floss Dental Center.

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