Porcelain Crowns in Stratford


Durable Crowns that look natural

crowns-pic-2A crown is a restoration that looks like a tooth. It is a cap placed over a natural tooth to repair it because it is too worn down, fractured or otherwise damaged. They are also often used to cover a tooth that has had root canal therapy.

All our doctors have extensive experience with making and placing beautiful, functional crowns. In fact, Dr. Hoos invented the patented H & H no-gag impression technique now used by many dentists. This breakthrough makes taking an impression much more comfortable for the patient.

When we create a crown, it not only must serve to repair or protect a tooth, but it must integrate with the surrounding teeth aesthetically, be comfortable, and fit your bite correctly. Our doctors take the time necessary to be sure the result is a long-lasting crown that looks and feels natural.

High quality materials used with our Crowns

IMG_3640Different teeth and conditions may require different crown materials. We use the materials that are best for each patient, which includes gold, porcelain and zirconia-based porcelain. Porcelain is very strong, long lasting and has the color and translucency of natural teeth, with zirconia-based porcelain being the strongest. Gold is also very strong and durable. The doctor will discuss your options, answer your questions, and give you his recommendation while keeping your budget in mind.

Conditions that crowns can fix

We may recommend a crown to fix the following conditions:

  • A fractured or worn down tooth
  • A tooth with severe damage from decay
  • To cover a tooth that is misshapen
  • To cover stains or chips
  • To strengthen a tooth if needed after root canal therapy
  • To cover an implant

Crowns Before & After

This patient replaced her old crowns with new crowns that have great color, shape and comfort.

This patient replaced her old crowns with new crowns that have great color,
shape and comfort.

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Onlays and Inlays

inlayOnlays and inlays are restorations that are used to repair large cavities or otherwise damaged teeth. Once the decay is eradicated, the cavity must be filled. If the cavity is too big for a regular filling, but not necessarily so big as to need a crown, we may use an onlay or inlay. Onlays fit over the cusp of a tooth, and inlays fit between the cusps.

Our inlays and onlays are made of tooth-colored porcelain or gold, depending on the location of the tooth.

Video: Emergency Repair of Loose Crown

Video: Multiple Fractured Crowns

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