Tooth Extractions in Stratford

Gentle Extractions

At Brush & Floss Dental Center, we strive to help you retain your natural teeth as long as possible by using bio-friendly materials and techniques that build and strengthen your teeth. However, when a tooth is clearly damaged or decayed beyond repair, tooth removal is our last resort.

Additionally, wisdom teeth often need to be removed to prevent overcrowding or damage to other teeth.

Careful, innovative procedure

When extraction becomes part of your tooth restoration treatment, we’re experienced at using the gentlest techniques possible.

Our pain relief injections are practically unnoticeable, and you’ll be made as comfortable as possible throughout the procedure.

The extraction itself is atraumatic, meaning “not producing injury or damage.” Dr. Hoos even invented an extremely conservative extraction method that minimizes discomfort and helps preserve the bone around the tooth. This means a clean extraction with little tissue damage and easier healing.

Socket preservation – the modern follow-up to extraction

When a tooth is removed, bone loss around the empty socket is unavoidable. Since an extraction is usually followed by the placement of an implant, the condition of the surrounding bone becomes more important than ever. The bone tissue around the empty socket must be in a healthy state in order to accept the implant placement without complication.

To accomplish this, we use a well-researched procedure known as socket preservation. We skillfully introduce a bio-friendly substance into the socket that stimulates natural bone growth and keeps it from shrinking away. This helps create a healthy and strong bone ridge around the missing tooth.

Other advantages of socket preservation are:

  • Eliminates the “black line” between the gum line and restoration, an effect of bone loss
  • Prevents gum recession around the empty socket
  • Counteracts undesirable facial changes caused by sunken bone

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