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Partial and Full Dentures
Stratford, CT

For much of the time that dentures have been in the world, they were only available for people who had already lost nearly all of their teeth. In the past, when people needed dentures, all of the teeth they had left were extracted, so that the dentures could be placed on both their upper and lower teeth. Luckily, now there are different types of dentures available, so that you don’t have to sacrifice all of your remaining teeth in order to get dentures. If you think that you might need dentures, let Brush & Floss Dental Center tell you about full and partial dentures.

What Are Dentures?

People have used dentures for centuries in order to replace missing teeth. There are adults who lose teeth each year, so you’re not alone. People lose their teeth for all sorts of reasons. Some people lose their teeth due to a car accident or being injured while playing a sport. Other adults lose their teeth gradually because of gum disease or tooth decay. People have worn a form of dentures for hundreds of years because they were seen as a good replacement for your teeth. Dentures can be removed, which allows you to have good oral hygiene. While dentures of the past looked like false teeth, today’s dentures are more natural looking. They are also made of lighter materials, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

Are There Different Types of Dentures?

Dentures come in several different styles and types. If you need full dentures, you will get dentures that cover your upper and lower teeth. Full dentures are made of an acrylic base, usually with porcelain prosthetic teeth attached. If you need full dentures, you will have to get your remaining teeth removed before your dentures can be fitted. If you go with conventional dentures, it may take several weeks for the dentures to be made. However, if you do need dentures quickly, we may be able to fit you with same-day dentures, which can be made while you are sitting in our chair.

In addition, there are partial dentures that we can use as an alternative to bridges. Bridges are cemented permanently in place and are not removable. That makes them difficult for some people to manage, especially when they need to clean the undersides of the bridges. Because partial dentures are removable, they are easier to clean. Partial dentures attach to your teeth by hooking into a metal frame.

How Long Do Most Dentures Last?

If you take care of them, and let us check them twice a year, dentures can last for a long time. There are things you can do help keep them in mint condition. Handle your dentures carefully. Even though they are strong, they can break or fracture. Be sure to keep your dentures wet, even when they aren’t in your mouth. Dentures that dry out tend to shrink. Rinse your dentures in cold water so you don’t warp them. Be sure that you brush your gums, your tongue, and your upper palate twice a day every day. That way, your gums will remain healthy and your dentures will fit properly.

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Do you have questions about dentures? Are you unsure which type of denture to get? We can help! Call Brush & Floss Dental Center at (203) 683-5253.

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You don’t have to sacrifice all of your remaining teeth in order to get dentures! Call Brush & Floss Dental Center to discuss your full or partial denture needs!
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