How to Find a Dentist for Dental Implants

If you’re missing a tooth, or multiple teeth, and you already know that the best tooth replacement option is a dental implant, just how do you go about finding a good, competent dentist to handle your implant procedure? This could be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the best resource available to you – the internet.

Let’s make the task easier for you. When searching for an experienced, efficient and well-trained dental implant dentist, there are several things to look for. Following are some of the important points.

  1. Education – How much education and training has the doctor received? Has he received special training in the area of dental implant procedures? Does he participate in continuing education and training to keep up-to-date on the latest advances in dental procedures and technology? The more training and education a doctor receives, the more comfortable and efficient the treatment will be.
  2. Experience – How many years has the doctor been placing implants? How many implants has he placed? Skill increases with experience. The more the better – for you!
  3. Materials – Does the doctor use high-quality materials that have been proven to look good and last a long time? Using the best materials available is the only way to ensure that the implants and restorations (replacement teeth) he places will be comfortable, beautiful and long-lasting.
  4. Advanced technology – Does the practice use the latest in dental technology in their diagnostic evaluation and procedures? Advanced equipment makes the entire diagnostics process more accurate. For example, a dental CT scanner provides very crisp and clear 3D images of your teeth and jaw, which means a very accurate and precise outcome when placing your implant.
  5. Complimentary consultation – Does the practice offer a complimentary dental implant consultation? This is where you’ll find out if you are, indeed, a candidate for dental implants. Although most people can get dental implants, there may be issues that need to be taken care of, like gum disease, before placement can occur.
  6. Will you be able to talk to the doctor during the consultation so you can voice any concerns, questions or hesitations? You need to know what to expect before you start any procedures. The more you understand about dental implants, the less stress and anxiety you’ll feel.
  7. Sedation – You may be someone who gets anxious when you’re at a dental appointment. If so, does the doctor have oral or IV sedation options? This could be a deal-breaker for an anxious patient.
  8. Does the practice market itself as “friendly”? This is very important, as you probably want to feel safe and comfortable as you entrust your dental health to the doctors and staff.

All of the above items should be spelled out clearly on the website. Use this information to decide if this practice will fulfill your needs and expectations when it comes to taking good, professional care of your dental implant treatment.

Dr. Hoos has been placing dental implants for many years, and has placed over 3,000 in that time. He teaches Dental Implant Dentistry right here at the Brush & Floss Dental Center. He continues to pass along his vast knowledge and experience placing dental implants and their restorations to other dentists. He provides the highest quality dentistry, and does it in a friendly atmosphere. Check out his bio for more information about all of our dentists. Then give us a call and set up an appointment for your complimentary dental implant consultation!